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Our Services

Our ServicesUndercover Customer Snapshot (On-Site Evaluations)

We designed this service as a way for our clients to get an inside look on their organizations customer service. As we go undercover as a customer, we are able to evaluate our clients customer service skill level and see how it affects the overall customer experience. Our evaluation file includes top-secret reporting with statistical data/research, employee feedback and most importantly, customer feedback.

Covert Onsite Training

Our approach helps our clients develop an appreciation for the customer and the overall customer experience. Our company believes in teaching (developing employees to gain skills to achieve results) versus training (following a step-by-step procedure to achieve results). Our hands-on teaching method includes fun and interactive exercises, such as role playing, interactive video and discussion. This motivates, engages and inspires our clients to make a change in their organizations customer experience.

Hush-Hush Consulting/ Customer Service Consulting

We have designed and developed questions for executive teams to discuss to see the difference between where they're at today versus where they want to be in the future. Our frontline employee viewpoint helps our clients figure out ways to effectively teach their organizations to deliver quality customer service. Through our hush-hush sessions, our clients will conceptualize their customer service strategy and use our templates to bring the customer experience to life.

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Our fun and interactive speeches helps our clients and their employees get motivated, engaged and inspired to make a difference in their customer experience strategy. We give industry-proven advice, tips and research to help our clients transform their mindsets to a more customer-focused organization. These speeches contain exercises that fill the room with excitement.

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